Standard Tanks, Generators and Immersibles

Ultra Clean's tanks, generators and immersible transducers are engineered for long-lasting cleaning performance. We offer a wide selection of equipment to accommodate a broad range of cleaning applications.

Standard Tanks


■14-gauge 316-L bright annealed stainless steel, double wall construction
■Double welded for reliability
■Size ranging from 3 to 36 gallons
■Bottoms sloped for uniform draining
■Uniform energy distribution
■12-foot RF cable and 7-foot heater power cord
■Temperature controller
■Heater on/off switch with heater status light
■Bottom-mounted ultrasonic transducers
■Side-mounted heaters

Ultrasonic Generators


■Wide range of frequencies including 25 kHz, 40kHz and 68 kHz
■Sweep band width: +/- 2 kHz around center frequency
■Sweep rate of 300-1200 Hz
■Output intensity control (10 to 100% range)
■RFI suppression circuitry
■Industry preferred stainless steel cabinet construction
■Available voltages of 120 and 240 volts

Immersible Transducers


■Bottom or sidewall mounted
■Bulkhead fittings, rigid tubing or braided stainless steel hose connections
■PZT technology
■Double-welded construction
■14-gauge 316-L bright annealed stainless steel construction
■Available with mounting brackets
■Convert existing systems into ultrasonic systems
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