Industrial Parts Washers

Ultra Clean's TRIAD industrial parts washers are designed with a small footprint to accommodate work cell environments. The TRIAD combines the features of three systems - washing, rinsing and drying - into one highly efficient unit. This system eliminates material handling because it is designed to bring the solution to the parts. The TRIAD includes automatic safety mechanisms to ensure operator protection and a fully programmable PLC to control and monitor process parameters. Options include ultrasonics, agitation, rotation, spray, multiple chemistries, chip collection, and de-oilers.



Parts to be cleaned are placed into baskets, which are locked into place on a lift. Dual start buttons designed for operator safety initiate the cycle. The basket is lowered into the process tank as the chamber cover automatically closes. The temperature controlled cleaning solution is continuously filtered to remove particles and contaminants and then pumped into the tank. A full range of controls permits safe, flexible cleaning at high cleanliness levels. When the cycle is completed, the lift returns to the raised position for unloading.

■Designed with a compact footprint for floorspace efficiency
■Reduces chemistry and lowers waste disposal costs
■User friendly and dependable design in a rugged, easily maintained 304 stainless steel cabinet with 14-gauge 316-L stainless steel tank construction
■Process tank liquid gravity feeds back to the holding tank if cleaning is interrupted or power fails
■Major plumbing components are installed over reservoir tank to contain any potential leaks
■Pumps, filters and valves are readily accessible for maintenance
■Equipped with a PLC to control temperature, timing of cleaning, rinsing and drying cycles, and to store multiple process recipes
■Designed with multiple safety features to ensure operator protection
■Fresh water spray rinsing
■Automatic water make-up
■The PLC is capable of storing and recalling multiple recipes including the following functions:
■Number of wash and rinse cycles
■Rinse time
■Drying on/off and timing
■Minimum and maximum solution temperatures
■Temperature ramping
■Alarm limits
■Basket rotation on/off and speeds
The system also monitors and displays parameters on a front panel status light indicator. Parameters include:
■Solution temperature
■Alarm status
■Ultrasonic on/off
■Cycle status
■Tank discharge

■Over temperature system shutdown
■Low liquid level system shutdown
■Moving parts enclosed for operator safety
■Chamber cover must be closed for system to start
■Operator must use both hands to initiate cycle
■Enclosed cleaning chamber reducing operator exposure to chemicals and minimizing noise levels

■Multiple reservoir tanks
■Parts basket
■Basket rotation
■Multiple process selection

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