Customized Systems

Ultra Clean is recognized as an industry leader for designing and manufacturing customized ultrasonic systems. We offer fully automated systems with multiple operator interfaces. Construction materials available for custom work include Titanium, Tantalum, Hastelloy and Inconel. Alternate finishes such as bright annealed, electropolished and hard chrome are also available. Materials handling capabilities include conveyor systems, overhead robots and indexing ladders. Cleaning options include ultrasonics, spray, immersion, mechanical, agitation, and rotation. Available drying methods include air blow-offs, hot air ovens, alcohol and hot water (slow pull).

For over 35 years, Ultra Clean has been a leading manufacturer of custom-designed equipment and systems. We collaborate with our customers to ensure that specific process requirements are met. Our lead times for customized systems are the shortest in the industry, and we are known for delivering systems on time and on budget.

Ultra Clean has built customized equipment and systems for the semiconductor, disc drive, aerospace, optic, fiber optic, and bearing industries. Our materials handling capabilities include the latest microprocessor-based automated transport systems, providing user-friendly automation for simple to highly complex processing. Additionally, we offer a wide range of cleaning alternatives ranging from spray and immersion to rotation and ultrasonics. We work in concert with our customers throughout the manufacturing process. Our experience provides us with the depth of knowledge required to design systems to meet your specifications.

Customized System

Features of Customized System

■Ultrasonic capabilities
■Materials handling systems
■Single or multiple tank units
■PLC controlled
■Automated or manual systems
■Heated or ambient tanks
■304-L or 316-L stainless steel fabrication
■Titanium, Tantalum, Hastelloy and Inconel construction available
■Conveyor systems
■Overhead robots
■Indexing ladders
■Walking beam
■Mechanical agitation
■Air agitation
■Mechanical cleaning (scrubbing)
■Air blow-off
■Hot air oven (HEPA filters)
■Hot water (slow pull)
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