For more than 35 years, Ultra Clean Equipment has designed and manufactured standard and custom industrial ultrasonic and wet processing cleaning systems. Ultra Clean's products are synonymous with quality, and our reputation is built on long-standing customer relationships and outstanding service. At Ultra Clean, our experienced staff can help you determine how to best satisfy your requirements and budget. We supply equipment for all levels of parts cleaning from standard tabletop units to fully automated systems, including custom designs to accommodate the most unique processes. Ultra Clean has engineered equipment for a wide range of industries including semiconductor, disc drive, optic, aerospace, automotive, and bearing manufacturing.

The Ultra Clean Advantage

Whether you need a tabletop unit or a customized, automated cleaning system, Ultra Clean has the solution. Our primary product lines include standard tanks, generators and immersibles; precision cleaning equipment; industrial parts washers; vapor degreasers; and customized systems. Products are engineered and constructed using the latest CAD software and CNC equipment. Ultra Clean systems are recognized for being reliable and cost-effective, and we are an industry leader in supplying custom equipment. We work in concert with our customers to ensure satisfaction throughout the design, manufacture and delivery process, and provide continued support for the lifetime of your equipment

Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology

Ultrasonic cleaning is one of the most precise and efficient methods for cleaning a wide spectrum of parts in any production environment. Ultrasonic energy provides a mechanical boost to chemical cleaning by making it possible to clean complex areas such as part interiors, blind holes and crevices. This cleaning method is ideal for removing difficult contaminants and for cleaning delicate or threaded parts.

Ultrasonic cleaning is accomplished through the rapid formation and collapse of minute bubbles or cavities in a liquid. This phenomenon is called cavitation. This continuing process is responsible for the scrubbing effect that cleans the parts. Parts that would ordinarily require hand-scrubbing can often be cleaned in a matter of minutes with an ultrasonic system.

Ultra Clean's ultrasonic systems feature numerous frequencies, making it the most versatile equipment on the market. Our transducers and plug-in generator modules provide maximum reliability and simplified field maintenance. Ultra Clean works closely with a number of other leading ultrasonics suppliers. Depending on a customer's preference, we can provide a system with our ultrasonics or with components from other manufacturers.

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